Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.
Psalm 144:15

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy Camping Capers

About two weeks ago we went camping with two families that live near us. It was extremely fun!

We have a tradition with our camping buddies that we always have a party with a theme such as traditional Mexican or traditional Italian. We do everything that is required such as listening to the traditional music, wearing- um, not fully traditional clothes, ( the guys are excluded from this part.) and eating traditional food. This time, thanks to Shelbi, we had a Polish night. All the girls wore floral skirts and white shirts, such as a traditional Polish woman might wear. :) Did you get the idea that it was traditional!!!!!!

I was, well, let's just say a little bit nervous about cooking Polish food. I mean what do they eat? After a lot of internet research we four older girls found some recipes that turned out wonderful.

Savannah cooked a Polish salad. Yum, yum.

Shelbi cooked some excellent Cabbage rolls.

Allix fried some Pirogi. I went back for seconds on this. :)

I made Polish meatballs and a Babka Cake.

It rained almost the whole trip, but this added a fun dimension to our normally dry camping trips. Think umbrella's, raincoats, and muddy boots sloshing through puddles.

Some activities we enjoyed:

Skipping rocks into Cooper lake,

Bike riding,

Singing in the rain, ( this was actually a thing we did, weird or what?)


Apples to Apples. (No comment :P)



Snapping Pics?, ( You might have already guessed this!)

Laughing.... this is one of our favorite things to do,

Quoting Sense and Sensibility ( alright, the boys didn't do this, but we girls sure did. " Love is not love, that alters where it's alteration finds.....")

Having camera wars,

Walking ( uh, we did alot of this while having camera wars.)

Teasing one another,

Collecting rocks,

Playing volleyball while the wind was blowing eighty miles an hour, ( Well, it seemed like it, especially since we used a beach ball )

Making clay snakes,

Racing down the shoreline,

Writing our names in the sand,

Playing at the park,

Squashing twelve kids in the back of a fifteen passenger van and then driving forever!

Jonathan, biking up a storm!

Seth, "the cool" with his can o' Dr. Thunder

Savannah and Shelbi in all their loveliness!

Allix, Savannah and Louisa.... friends forever

The men... talking about everything from theology to how quickly they can pack their campers.

As you can tell even the youngest people in our party enjoy camping!

Finally, all of us kids together! Hooray, I can't wait to go again.

Here are our families again, camping last summer, plus a few extra cousins. :) I cannot believe how much everyone has grown.

A year ago our family went camping with two other families and really enjoyed hanging out. We also went swimming and rafting in the large lake at the park, thus our rather sunburnt faces. :)

See ya later, alligators.


Shelbi said...

I love the movie, Maddie! That is TOO FUNNY!!!
Everybody has grown so much. We had a great time camping with y'all last weekend. See you soon!

Annette said...

I loved looking at the photo's, beautiful blog Maddie. Glad you all had fun on the camping trip. Happy to see everyone!
Love to all!

tmgathright said...

Maddie Mae,

You have done a great job pulling together the photos! It looks like you had better weather than you have described.I guess that was because there was such a skilled photographer behind the camera,:P I would love to have seen the Volleyball game (maybe even sold tickets).

Love you,