Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.
Psalm 144:15

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Summary of Many Months

In which we visit a Castle.

This lovely castle/mansion/ mission was built during the 1800s and was a delight to my old-fashioned heart. We were able to tour and see various rooms and three stories of this mansion. There was an endless supply of pictures I could post, but I will not overdo it.

The Kitchen:

The Dining Room: (wouldn't you love to set yourself down at a feast such as this!)

The Library: (this one has everything a girl needs- a large supply of books and your very own Knight in Shining Armor.)

Next we headed to Pikes Peak. The view was amazing. Please notice the clouds swallowing up the landscape, they looked even more surreal from the tip top.
Psalms 36:4,5
"Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; and Thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.....

... Thy righteousness is like the great mountains, Thy judgements a great deep. O Lord You preserve man and beast."

"Hey! Look this paper says that the if you aren't back on the train in fifteen minutes they will leave you on the top. Huh! Let me see that!" (They really told us this and you can be sure we were on the train fifteen minutes before it left :P)

We then rode to a haunting reminder of the past, some Indian ruins called The Cliff dwellings. They were a favorite of pretty much all involved,

except Louisa who was incredibly scared an Indian brave was going to come shrieking up to scalp her any moment. ( I am not joking about this, I guess it comes from watching too many Roy Rogers' movies.)

Mama and Bella peering into a home that once belonged to a family with an elderly person, notice the supports on either side of the doorway for aid.

All of us kids "hanging out"!

While I admire the intricate stonework, Louisa finds the perfect hiding spot, "No injuns will find me here."

The Threesome.

That morning we went to, where else......

We visited Focus on the Family's Visitors Center and had a fantastic time. Even us big kids (Dad included) were impressed. The sets were very realistic.

The actual bell that was rung at the opening scene when the Whit's End door is opened!

As Lizzie was going to go down the long, long three story slide, she met Eugene heading down. He was so nice and agreed to pose for a snapshot, he's a bit shorter than I supposed.

The girls met the cutest little girl at the Garden of the gods RV camp, they played for hours together.

Big screen movie night at the camp. The viewing is projected onto a large sheet while we kickback in our lounge chairs. We invite all our neighbors and pop in some of those good ole' family films that we love-one of which is FIREPROOF.

Bella's birthday shebang! Please observe Lizzie's dirt with a little face on it. ha, ha. ( the little girl in the middle practically latched onto us and was integrated into the celebration. She even had cake and ice cream. :)

Nana (my Mom's mom) made the girls matching capes and skirts. The theme of the party was Queen Esther, thus the crown on Bella's head.

The BIRTHDAY GIRL all dressed up in her finery, also Lizzie and Louisa in the background preening. I cannot believe Bella is five years old, she is such a sweetie!

Ah, here comes the cake......Nana baked.

To top off the fun trip, Bella won a bag of cotton candy in a drawing at the local train ride and
she shared the treat with her sisters. ( I am afraid that stuff in not very healthy for you, something that blue has to have at least a pound of artificial ingredients.)

Nana and Katie, laughing


We had the privilege to go to the Baby Conference in July. Mama and I love dressing the girls alike and so this day was white dress day. I have a great time listening to men of God expound Scripture and debate the precepts surrounding it. Some of the best times were in the hallways of the conference center where I met so many godly young women and formed ties that can be used for His glory.

Dad and Jonathan were able to get a picture with one of our media heroes, Mr. Duggar! We love those Duggars....they are the greatest.

Yay! Mama, the girls and I with Mrs. Duggar, who won the "Mother of the Year" award.

Back at home we went to our local Rodeo. Ride em' Cowboys. We were duded out in our western duds, the weather was perfect and we managed to nab a front row seat. Shelbi, Savannah and I were immersed in the cowboy culture enough for all year long and all in one night! Ha. Especially when the bulls came out- I could have fled. ( I hate bull riding.)

So, thhhhattt'ssss all folksss. From us gals on the ranch, so long.

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Allix said...

Maddie!! We went to that VERY same castle in March when we were in Colorado....it was great, wasn't it?! We loved it too! :D Great pictures :)