Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.
Psalm 144:15

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sixth Birthday of my Lilybit......

Today is my little sister's sixth birthday, what a joy she has been for the half dozen years she has been a part of our home.


The girl who when two years old could explain many things in wonderful ways while making you want to hug her to death.
The girl who is absolutely laughable- when you see her pixie face you want to pinch it. ( please don't- I've learned from experience.)
The girl who talks.(need I say more) Anyone who has met Lizzie can collaborate my statement.
The girl who loves to tell you about the time she was a little bitty baby, "ownly five."
The girl who at age three had an excellent conversation at an RV park we visited with a little seven year old boy while her elder siblings looked on in stunned amazement.
The girl who at age two when asked what the name of her future husband was...... replied, "I think I'll name him, Sloppy."
The girl who sounds the same when she laughs or cries.
The girl who has had a thousand people tell her they wish they could take her home with them.
The girl who sleeps in my room and begs me to tell her bedtime stories until my voice goes horse.
The girl who loves helping cook in the kitchen, especially cookies!!
The girl who nicknames almost as well as I do. :)
The only girl I know who wants to be called Hopalong Cassidy.
The girl who we cannot spell things around anymore cause, well- she can sound the word out faster than Mom. (well, not quite)
The girl who always makes her food choices by asking, "what is the healthiest?"
The girl who chose to eat oatmeal this morning for her birthday breakfast because it was, "the healthiest." Groan.
The girl who can quote movie quotes better than the actors.
The girl who begs to clean the bathroom with me.
The girl who tries on at least three night gowns before she finds the "right" one.
The girl who knows the first fourteen Catechism questions, watch out big kids!!!!
The girl who I cannot imagine life without.

I love you like crazy, Lizzie!!!


Lizzie's poetry in motion,
a steam car with a mouth,
a double barrel gun that talks
manufactured in the South.

Lizzie is an articulating brain
who became fluent at age two,
a junior conversationatic
Chatting with Lola, Betty and Sue.

Lizzie is a gregarious rainstorm
coming in the midst of drought,
a watermill that is full of words
trickling and pouring out.

Lizzie is an expressive puddle
that has turned into a lake,
a magnet that can always find
new words to brew and bake.

Lizzie is an imagination
getting set to blow her top,
but even as the words come down
she is planting yet another crop.

Lizzie can converse better
Than many folks ten times her age
I hold her up as an example
of a walking, talking page.


I made this video last Summer when my cousin Emily came to visit. The four girls have so much fun together. The photos were taken for Lizzie's fifth birthday at Nanna's bunkhouse!


Shelbi said...

Lizzie is a HOOT! Tell her happy birthday from us!

martha said...

God knew what we needede when He sent us Elizabeth, didn't He? What a joy and a blessing! Never a dull.....OR a quiet moment when she's around.
Madeleine, you have described her so well! YOU are good at this "blogging thing"! I LOVE your site!! Of course, it has all of my favorite people on it, too. :-) love ya!

tmgathright said...


You make a grandpops heart very glad (Lizzie would say I should not say proud) to see the maturity and creativity of your blog, and the warmness of your relationships. You are part of a very special family. Obviously the Crawford clan and ours, but also the body of Christ.Love you!


Lindsay said...

Awww... how cute!! Happy belated birthday to Lizzie!! :D What a wonderful blog you have here, Madeleine. I'm here for the first time... I've been blog hopping. ;) I love the books you have on your sidebar. Those are some of my favorites! Oh, and I also *love* the "Emma" sountrack. Another favorite of mine! Anyway, just thought I'd comment and say "hi" to let you know that I was here. :)

~ Love & Blessings,
Lindsay <3