Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.
Psalm 144:15

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The other day was hair cut day and Bella and Louisa were formally introduced to the world of hair salons......... it was hilarious! We trooped into Pro Cuts looking like a bunch of drowned rats because it just happened to be raining. :) Standing at the door; dripping on the welcome mat, smiling and signing six names on the waiting list was just the beginning. Mama and I found enough empty seats to accommodate the gals and tried to quiet the loudest member of the group.....who was ecstatic over the fact that two of her younger sibling were going to be given a trim.
Lizzie : "Mama, this is going to be so wonderful. I am sure that Bella and Lou will hold still, cause if they move it wouldn't be good- would it?"
I turned to see a look of horror masking Louisa's (age three) face.
"Lou, what is wrong?"
Blank look and hands grasping the edge of the chair with a grip of steel.
"What they ganna do wiv those scissors, Adgie?
"Oh, those scissors, they are going to cut your hair with them. It won't hurt."
"Weally? For sure."
"For sure. Watch- they're going to cut mine now, see how much fun I'm having."
Me; sitting under the all too common treatments of the haircutting department. Snip, snip, snip..... endeavoring to appear excited.
The next Pro Cut's lady in line to cut my family's hair calls out, "Next!"
Louisa is led to the chair with fear and trembling. I smile at her. "Doing good, Wiggy. Isn't it great?"
A slight nod at me and a stare for the woman wrangling her hair.
Bella and Lizzie are placed in various chairs surrounding mine. ( What other girl gets to see three of her sisters having their hair cut at the same time while having hers cut, too.)
Bella; quietly shy, waits for the first snip of the scissors and grins at me from her red leather throne.
"Tilt your head to the left, honey."
"Yes, ma'am." Bella whispers, her face partly concealed by her hair- still watching me.
Then there's Lizzie, six years old- going on twenty! Discussing all the tools and implements used in the process. Questioning and laughing, fearful? Lizzie? Ha! She's an old pro at this whole hair cut thing, been through it a million times. ( well, maybe once.)
"Did you know that Bella... that's Bella over there, has never had her hair cut? It's her first time here. I've had mine trimmed before, when I was a little girl, only four. When did your first get your hair cut? What is that comb slanted for? Is it made to slant with my head? Speaking of heads, do you know, I had to have six stitches in my head once? I didn't even cry........ Isn't that so big?..........."
Lou sits like a statue through the whole proceeding, but as soon as the hand of the woman is lifted from her, she takes off like a rocket, lands next to Mama and proceeds to eat her sucker (given to her by the haircutter) with evident coolness.
"Louisa, say thank you!" Mama says.
"Thank you," lick, lick."
Each of us finish and head to the car. Well, we have passed another life milestone, now what's for dinner!


Hannah (Ranny Girl) said...

You have such a sweet blog! I LOVE all of your old pictures!!!!! Where do you get them????? =)
Hannah (from Devoted Daughter)

Madeleine said...

Thank you so much for the kind thoughts, Hannah. I collected my pictures about five years ago, when poster sites would allow you to save them. Now they will not. I usually try and search for private collections and universal print sites. Don't know if that is helpful. :) I enjoyed reading your blog. Your family looks so fun!