Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.
Psalm 144:15

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Is 'me' a noun?"

The girls and I were reading a book this morning. There were the general giggles and exclamations when we saw the cute and quirky pictures from:

When we finished, Bella said,"Maddie, Is 'me' a noun?" She pointed to herself and looked questioningly at me.
"Yes, Bella, you are a proper noun."
"I'm one too," screamed Lizzie. "Look I'm a noun verbing on a noun." She began jumping around. Then Wiggy, for no reason except that she likes to jump, copied Lizzie. Ah, looks like I've got a host of frogs (nouns) in my room (noun)!!

I love when they understand a concept!
What books do you enjoy reading to your sisters and brothers?


Shelbi said...

Sarah Grace loves "Little House on the Prairie" and Stephen and Silas like...anything that has pictures of cowboys and/or policeman. :)

Lizzie is so funny! Hope your week is going great...
Love, Shelbi

Madeleine said...

We all love "Little House" here!!!! I think the girls could listen to that series all day long and still beg for more. :) How hilarious, I could definitely picture Stephen and Si loving those. Silas walks with a cowboy strut and Stephen always has his "gun" strapped on, just in case..... ha, ha.