Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.
Psalm 144:15

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home School Physical Education

Every morning exuberance fills my heart when I see the bundle of assorted dumbbells that wait expectantly on our craft table in the studio. Mama and I are going to exercise with my four little sisters. I hear gleeful sounds emitting from our hallway and the door crashes open. Catching looks of eagerness from each girl as she lines up along the rose covered carpet, I laugh. They make desperate attempts to establish each other’s exclusive corner. Baby Katie looks on knowingly from her swing. I take my place in front of the television as dumbbells are collected and clasped in readiness. Mama reaches for the control and the screen lights up in aerobic movements. Bella and Lizzie have the daily debate deciding who is going to be which exerciser, the wondrous Jodi is always chosen first. Three bodies sway in front of me, brimming with energy. I can barely lift a leg without tangling with a pint-sized person. Arms lift with funny little jerks, they are keeping up today. Katie’s swing keeps time to the beat. Wiggy* pauses to return a host of toys to baby’s tray. Bend and straighten, kick and lift then walk again. Bella places her hand in mine, rambling up and back in the row of roses that has been named ours. Soon all five of us are sailing over the floor together, screaming in merriment. Wiggy drops her weights the standard two-hundred times. I wonder why Mama and I are sweating more than the girls. We tread on, until- at last, we finish! I now have a new and improved definition for aerobics class. Oh, the joys of home school physical education!

* Nickname for Louisa

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martha said...

Aaaaawww! I wanna come...not to exercise, but to watch!! Sounds like you guys are hoots!! (And you know how much I love hoots!)