Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.
Psalm 144:15

Monday, February 1, 2010

Poems and Ponderings

Nothing is Mine

I am a nothing, a nobody;
I must forget my indefinite self,
and plead my heart for Him
so I am one with Christ and His will.
For without His Spirit, no personality
or concept will be mine.

I must come to realize that mine
and me are one in the same body;
a monotone mess of personality.
The same as every other self
that has a working, grasping will;
dark and void of Him.

But if He takes me unto Him
and makes His wishes mine;
I will find that my stubborn will
does come in accord with His body.
Christ will triumph over self,
and change my twisted personality;

to a harmonious personality.
With the righteousness that is in Him,
and will shroud my sin and self;
away that His purity might be mine.
Owing all that I am to Christ’s body;
hung on a tree by my shameless will.

So I have lost my will,
but I have found Christ’s personality,
and am entitled to shun my body
with its entices and desires, for only Him.
So the originality that is held as mine;
must be credited to the Holy God, not self.

I must learn and ascertain that myself
is a lost cause; a defaming will.
That causes what is me and mine
to look an indistinct personality.
For who is special, but Him;
and unique- The believers in body.
For He directs my body, heart and will;
Him and Him alone has given myself
a personality I cannot claim as mine.

*Written by Madeleine*

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Audrey said...

Oh that was beautiful! if you had a whole book of you're poems I would prolly buy it!!!